The Language Club

The Language Club delivers French and Spanish courses, to teach young learners and primary-aged children vocabulary and phrases which are relevant to their everyday lives. The children have fun exploring a new language, while we develop their linguistic, cultural and cognitive abilities.

Our courses are developed in-house by Katie Friedman (MA Education), previously a Head of Modern Foreign Languages at a Bristol secondary school, and now on the Senior Leadership Team. Katie has also had considerable experience delivering courses in local primary schools.

Why choose The Language Club for pre-school?
  • Fun lessons, structured learning: play-oriented experience for the children, underpinned by a structured learning programme.
  • Professional teaching: we use modelling, drilling, three-stage questioning and a range of creative visual, audio and kinaesthetic learning techniques; all our teachers are qualified, and are native or near-native speakers who are experienced with young learners.
  • Flexibility: content and timetabling can be designed to suit each individual client.
  • Working alongside your team: we work in tandem with your team and can provide training to help them integrate Spanish and French into other elements of the daily routine (mealtimes, clothes and shoes, toys and games)
Pre-school, Primary and beyond

Early language learning develops an ability to achieve near-native pronunciation and greatly improves language learning skills later in life. It also encourages critical thinking and problem solving skills, which research has shown positively impact exam results at GCSE in subjects such as English and Maths.

In 2014, the government made language learning compulsory for seven-year-olds. We are very supportive of this policy and are keen to help schools provide a high standard of Modern Foreign Languages for all young learners.

  • During pre-school and reception classes, we introduce a range of vocabulary and phrases which are relevant to children’s everyday lives. The course is delivered in the target language, from the first lesson. We encourage children to produce language for a purpose with simple routines, songs and games.
  • Through the primary years, we develop the listening and speaking skills currently covered at Key Stage 3, using age-appropriate content.
  • This accelerated foundation in language learning gives children a huge advantage when they get to secondary level. They will have the confidence to study languages to an advanced level, which gives them more opportunities in an increasingly global economy.

“The children are engaged and focused throughout their lesson. They have all learnt French vocabulary rapidly and we have included songs in French at our Pre-School Graduation and Christmas concerts.”

Harriet Young, Management Team, Archfield House Nursery

“This has been the best and most professionally run language course we have ever had at the nursery.”

Nursery co-ordinator, Archfield House Nursery

“Nicky [the teacher] is excellent and the children and staff love her Spanish lessons!”

Justine Britton, Manager of The University Day Nursery, Clifton

“Poppy loves her class and says it’s her favourite out of all the things she does after school.”

Jane Thomas, parent of child attending Spanish lessons at Bishop Road After-school Club

“Maya is really enjoying the Spanish classes and feels she is learning lots of vocabulary. Maya thinks Elisa is a very good tutor because she repeats words over and over again and incorporates song and games, to help the words sink in.”

Karen Desborough, parent of child attending Spanish lessons at Bishop Road After-school Club

“We’ve really enjoyed the classes, Oscar seems to be picking up lots. Until now we’ve been to various French singing classes so it’s nice to move on to basic sentence structures and vocab.”

Louise, attending French class with her son

“A great way of introducing my three-year old to Spanish. He went to bed singing ‘Hola,Hola ¿Cómo estás?’. The children thrive on each other’s enthusiasm and I come away after each class being shocked about how much Oscar has absorbed!”

Katy, attending Spanish class with her son

“Charlie is quite a lively two-and-a-half-year old so I’ve been impressed by how engaged he has been by the sessions and how much he has taken in”

Katrina, attending French class with her son


Individuals and private classes: £5.50 per child per half-hour session (lessons payable in advance as a block of 10)

Nurseries and schools: prices on application

Please contact Jenny Dance on 07912 348923 or Katie Friedman on 07860 458076, or

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